Biden promises vastly different approach to COVID-19 pandemic

The inauguration on the steps of the U.S. Capitol building has already been planned as a scaled-down, socially distanced affair. There will be no debate about crowd size because the crowds simply won’t be there. As early as mid-December, the inaugural committee began urging Americans not to plan to travel to Washington for the event, and to instead watch the transfer of power from the safety of their own homes.

The move is as symbolic as it is practical.

“We have a president who has not acknowledged the burden that this disease has had at all, other than his own brush 珠海夜网with the virus and talking about how essentially easy it was for him to, quote, ‘get cured,’” says Dr. Kavita Patel, a physician and scholar at the Brookings Institution.

Biden began highlighting the differences during the campaign, when he held drive-in rallies, and regularly offered his sympathies to Americans who had lost a loved one to the virus.

The Trump administration focused heavily on its vaccine development and distribution program known as Operation Warp Speed. At the same time, Trump largely ignored the ongoing realities of the pandemic, and actively worked to undermine efforts that would have slowed the spread of the virus in the months it took to inoculate Americans.

“We are now going to have to deal with the effects — economic health, mental health, all of it is now going to be a burden,” Patel says.

The best-laid plans of the new president will undoubtedly come up against the sharp divide amongst the American people.

Masks are still highly contentious, and shutdowns have been met with fierce resistance. Experts淡水桑拿酒店 expect the Biden administration to communicate these measures as necessary in the short term, before a vaccine is widely available.

“Whether or not you thought this was a good idea a year ago, now that there is a vaccine on the horizon, what you do want to do is hold out until you can get it,” said Sherry Glied, dean of New York University’s Robert F. Wagner Graduate School of Public Service.

Biden has already taken a fundamentally different tone on the economy.

While Trump rallied against lockdown measures – tweeting for supporters to “LIBERATE!” states like Michigan — Biden has adopted the view that the economy cannot function normally, so long as the virus is still circulating widely.